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(photo courtesy of I was on the train yesterday, on my way back to Milan to then get to the airport and catch my flight. It was a bright, warm and sunny day, although the early morning covered everything in a fuzzy haze of… Continue Reading “WE’RE ALL HUMANS”


Some people like to fly, some would rather take the road. Some stand in the middle, eager to move through air but also happy to witness landscapes from the ground floor. Personally, I do a fair share of both, as quite often – which… Continue Reading “BUS JOURNEYS”

Flat hunting in the ‘deen

Life update: I am officially back in Scotland. I say officially but it really isn’t, seen as I don’t even have a place to call home yet. My friend and I landed on the British shores on a mildly cold Monday evening and have… Continue Reading “Flat hunting in the ‘deen”


As some of you may have noticed, another year has gone past and we now find ourselves in 2017 land. If you hadn’t realised yet, you’re welcome. Unfortunately, we’re already deep inside the new year’s grounds as I write this post: deadlines and an… Continue Reading “2016 RECAP + MISSION”


They say home is where the heart is, that nothing feels as good as being at home. It’s natural, essential, a fundamental need that each one of us has and strives to fulfil. But what happens when your heart doesn’t actually reside in a… Continue Reading “CONSTANTLY MOVING”


We all have those days when our first intake of breath feels like gas and your room like a prison cell, where you look outside your window and the day looks grey. When you feel alone in your bed but at the same time… Continue Reading “THOSE LONELY MORNINGS”


So I am late to the party and am now writing a blog post about Halloween, because I’m lazy like that. Apologies. Last month we went to an event called the Twilight Zone, which was basically a halloween themed sort of party the Friday before… Continue Reading “CHILLIN WITH THE SQUAD”

My Bartender and The Pub

It is a truth universally known that, whenever you move to somewhere new, you will instinctively select a pub that will become YOUR pub, your home, the place where you spend your happiest and loneliest nights and the space where the memories of your adventure… Continue Reading “My Bartender and The Pub”