So I am late to the party and am now writing a blog post about Halloween, because I’m lazy like that.


Last month we went to an event called the Twilight Zone, which was basically a halloween themed sort of party the Friday before the actual Halloween day. The night was hosted by Hoboken in Rotterdam, which is a quirky spot in the city located on Hoornbrekersstraat.

It was our first time at the place and I was actually very impressed: the place looked super cool, it had been adorned with Halloween decorations all over and was pretty packed – which is understandable considering it was a Friday night, really. People were looking both casual and completely dressed up for Halloween and, for the first time since I moved here, I actually managed to bump into two people I know (I am becoming a local, everyone). One of them was a girl I had met at the Venture Cafe the week before (what is this Venture Cafe? Facebook it. I will write a post soon, promise) and the other was actually what has been previously defined on this blog as “my bartender“. Crazy right? What is life you guys.

But back to the party. The building in itself is pretty big, with several floors and tons of rooms which that night had been decorated with different themes. It was shaped like a sort of scary tunnel, so we had to walk up the stairs and dive into what seemed like an endless maze of hallways leading to dark spaces full of surprises. If you know me, you know I love surprises and, even more than that, I like horror and scary stuff, which made the night an absolute blast. 100% would do it again. The whole place was so artsy as well, there was nothing not to love.

The above picture was taken as we came across a sofa and a tv and, being curious lazy shits, we just dumped ourselves on the seats and watched the clip it was streaming for over half an hour. The photographer came over to us and snapped a picture as we watched and I honestly think it’s one of the coolest photos ever (am I right!?). Just chillin’ with the squad y’knoow?

Overall the night in itself was really fun and the place definitely had a cool vibe to it. Note to self to go back! SO, since I’ve been too busy with deadlines and exams to really post any good content on the blog, I pulled together this short clip to show you a bit of the party. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh and also. Look out for my Budapest entry when I’m done editing the videos! A vlog is coming soon. Beware.

Have a good night,


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