Flat hunting in the ‘deen

Life update: I am officially back in Scotland. I say officially but it really isn’t, seen as I don’t even have a place to call home yet. My friend and I landed on the British shores on a mildly cold Monday evening and have been trying to find ourselves a flat since, which is proving a rather extenuating activity as well as a mentally stressful task.

In the meantime, I have had the chance to drastically improve my couch surfing skills, as I hopped from a friend’s couch to another waiting for the day I would finally have my own (which alas is not today – currently writing this blog post curled up on a friend’s sofa indeed). I got dramatically ill on the second day I was back, which if that isn’t a sign Aberdeen is not the place for me, then I don’t know what is. I missed two friends’ parties because of the illness, which in truth were the only two things keeping me from going insane, causing even more desperation on my side. I finally had my mac and cheese at Wetherspoons after months of craving it, which was one of the few really amazing things that happened this week – more specifically on my first night back as I couldn’t wait any longer. I also had garlic bread with cheese once again – because why else would you be in the UK if not to eat unhealthy food containing half a year’s calorie intake – which unfortunately proved to be a rather disappointing experience as I chose the wrong takeaway shop to get my first one from. My garlic bread reunion has been officially ruined.

However, the good thing about being back is the fact I’ve been able to reunite with a few good friends, which soothes the pain in my heart and makes me realise Aberdeen is not as bad as I remembered it to be. Flats prices have decreased as well, making it a bit easier to accept living here as it’s finally not as ridiculously expensive. This also gives me the chance to plan a few trips to Europe during the semester, in order to escape this madness for a bit and try to complete my 2017 resolutions.

The biggest news of this week is that I finally got a placement, which means this semester I won’t be going to uni as I will be an intern at a small Glasgow-based company. The role is quite challenging and is putting a lot of pressure on me, but at the same time I am extremely excited to be doing something productive with my life and most importantly to be gathering some useful work experience in the field. I have also been allowed to stay in Aberdeen whilst I work, making it easier for me to find a flat with a friend but also making it incredibly sad at the prospect of having to work from home most of the time. I will literally have no reason to ever leave the flat in the morning now. It’s official.

Overall, it’s been a stressful week with a lot of news, so thought I would give an update and show the world I am still alive. Hopefully I will have a flat by the time I post a new entry! In the meantime, have a great day everyone and enjoy your cosy flats – you really are lucky to have one.


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