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THE BIG NOTHING: October un-appreciation club

  “Life is such an endless sum of beginnings and ends, consecutive events which mean all and nothing at the same time, this huge, massive, imperative big nothing. Because we breathe the same air and we eat the same things and we live the… Continue Reading “THE BIG NOTHING: October un-appreciation club”

“So you do Architecture?”

This week I found a really cool event to go to at BIRD, a nice little building which somehow is a restaurant and a pub and a club and a concert venue all at once despite any rule of logic. The event was called… Continue Reading ““So you do Architecture?””

My Bartender and The Pub

It is a truth universally known that, whenever you move to somewhere new, you will instinctively select a pub that will become YOUR pub, your home, the place where you spend your happiest and loneliest nights and the space where the memories of your adventure… Continue Reading “My Bartender and The Pub”


In the past two weeks I spent as an official resident in Rotterdam, I have come to learn a few things about the beautiful thing that is the dutch population: They love their bicycles more than a child –  they have decorations, different colours,… Continue Reading “THE LOBSTER”


First days are the best days and the worst days at the same time. Everything is shiny and new, an adventure to dive into and a whole new world to explore. It can also be a bit scary, relating to the previous post, to… Continue Reading “FIRST DAYS”