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On happiness, beauty and the million ways in which travel can inspire you.

** This is me publishing an old draft (2018) that never saw the light of day, and that I think we all need right now in these crazy times! Stay strong everybody ** It’s easy to feel down, constricted in your own surroundings, unable… Continue Reading “On happiness, beauty and the million ways in which travel can inspire you.”


Monday travel inspiration: BAVARIA, GERMANY! To keep in theme with the Christmas spirit, this week’s travel inspiration is a bit less original but definitely a great spot to check out if you’re a festive lover like me. Located in the Southern part of Germany,… Continue Reading “CHRISTMAS TRAVEL INSPIRATION: BAVARIA, GERMANY!”

SLEEPING ROUGH ON THE STREETS OF ZÜRICH: the crazy night that happened

I recently visited Münich, Germany. I was in Scotland before then. I was in Italy afterwards.

Sounds like a great trip, you’ll be naïvely thinking in your head.

My story, though, lies in the middle.


(Did I go to Berlin?) They say travelling is the food of the soul, a tool to widen your horizons and experience life in a different way. Reaching for the unknown and coming back richer than you were before. Travelling is about exploring, discovering,… Continue Reading “WHAT MAKES A TRIP WORTH IT?”


When I was younger, summer used to be the time where I got to escape from the reality of my hometown for a little bit. Be it a week, three or four, I always managed to retaliate a short period of time for myself,… Continue Reading “SUMMER PLANNING”