Monday travel inspiration: Cenote Suytun, MEXICO!



In a setting very similar to the cave from H2O: Just Add Water (millennial talking here), Cenote Suytun is an underground cave in the Yucatan peninsula of the country. Although this one might look spectacular, wait until you see the rest of the caves – it’s difficult to pick one!

Situated about 6km outside of the city of Valladolid, the cave is reachable in about a 5 minute drive or about an hour walk. Surrounded by stalactites and gristalinas, its shallow waters allow visitors to see the living beings populating them, whilst a hole at the top gifts the place with a beautiful stream of light shining from above. What’s more, the schoolchildren of Valladolid often grace visitors with a show of Mayan music and dancing, making the experience extremely unique.

A fun fact is that, due to scarcity of available water in the Yucatan peninsula, the super smart Mayans used to set up camp around the caves to have access to fresh water all year round. Indeed, the word Cenote comes from the Mayan language and it rightfully means ‘well’. And, as you might know from my previous post, the Maya are also very into their caves, which are often seen as doors to the underworld and are often sites of prayers and rituals.

Do I really need to say more? Go and book your trip NOW. ✈️


Have you been to Mexico before?


Photo credit: (check out their website for more info on all other caves!)

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