First days are the best days and the worst days at the same time. Everything is shiny and new, an adventure to dive into and a whole new world to explore. It can also be a bit scary, relating to the previous post, to have no certainties and having to just trust your instincts. You usually wake up with energy and try to make the best of the day and however it goes, it goes, you know?

For me, it went slightly different. My first night in Rotterdam was thankfully accompanied by a group of really good lads – aka my new roommate’s friends – coming for a visit and to welcome me and the other new guy. Fast forward to the next morning, I was joyfully hangover for my first day at University, resulting in me frantically waking up half an hour later than the time I was SUPPOSED to be a uni, quickly getting dressed and then setting out on my way to Uni with determination until I quickly realised, with disappointment and worry, that I had no clue where I was going or where the uni was. 

I made it, alas an hour and a half late, but if the first day sets the tone of the whole adventure, I am royally screwed you guys. Add to that an erasmus guy who fired shots at me when I told him of my misadventure, as well as calling me out in front of the whole group to get a stupid chipcard…… (if you’re reading this. I hate you. 😂), that makes it for an interesting first experience.

IMG_4090IMG_4095After the pretty brutal morning, the rest of the day went really smoothly though. We took a first look at the city centre, which was nothing like I imagined it to be. Seriously, Rotterdam is an architectural dream, and being a missed Architect myself, that speaks to my heart more than it should (did I choose the right degree!?). Our tiring walk was rightfully followed by a quintessential pint in a chill bar, reminiscing of Scotland and taking in the new environment. We then accidentally managed to get free cinema tickets and free drinks when we unknowingly passed as Dutch students on a freshers night out, which is great and lucky as fuck. We also made friends, which is always nice and somehow managed to walk home without ending up in Amsterdam or Brussels, which is a miracle. 

All in all, a pretty eventful day, which hopefully will be accompanied by a pretty eventful semester…. And the rest of the week is a secret which you can only find out on the next post. Hehe. 👻


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