Point of no return

They say that change is scary, like being used to wearing an old cosy jumper for it to suddenly rip, forcing you out of it and into a new one. We as human beings sometimes tend to avoid it, being so comfortable in our own little reality we spent so much time building and not ready to see it fall apart. For most, change is a scary thing, that throws you into a sea of unknown and uncertainty with no guarantee of a happy ending.

Or is it?

Personally, I don’t think that’s necessarily true for everyone, and here is a living example of a different point of view – aka mine. My name’s Elena and I’m an international student whose passion has always been to travel and see as many places as possible. What else is life for otherwise?

I started my path – which means that I was born – in ever sunny Italy, baptised by the Mediterranean sea and fed on amazing food. You get a pretty decent childhood there, you know? You see, Italians like to think they’re the best in the world, that everything in Italy is heaven on earth, yet they’re always complaining about it and fantasising on leaving for good. You grow up believing in that and to some extent you know they’re right, until you get tired of speculating on possibilities and feel the need to try something different. I decided I wanted to expand my horizons and set off on my first trip alone to New York aged 14. Ever since then, I have been trying – with the means I have – to see as much as possible, which brings me to the current situation: me as an international student at a Scottish University, about to start my semester abroad in the Netherlands, more specifically Rotterdam. 

Some say change is not for everyone, some live on it. I like to think of myself as the latter, because if you don’t change, you don’t grow, and if you don’t grow, that’s a life wasted. 

So, this will be my opening entry for this new blog, which I created to tell my story and talk about all the little things I am surely going to fall in love with in this new place, and more. Stay tuned to know a bit more on my adventure – posts to come soon!


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